Christina POULITSI   coloratura soprano


In the season 2012/13, the young singer made her spectacular debut as the QUEEN OF THE NIGHT at the Dresden Semper Opera. Since then, she has sung this very role more than 50 times e.g. also at the German and the Comic Opera Berlin, the Rhine Opera Dusseldorf –Duisburg, the Athens National Opera, in Shangai, at the Teatro Regio di Turino, the Teatro Massimo in Cagliari, in Bologna and in Bari.

In 2015 she made her acclaimed debut as GILDA in Rigoletto at the Maggio Fiorentiono Firenze

The surprise of the evening was the young Greek soprano Christina Poulitsi.
A career to be followed with interest…’
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With a scholarship of the “Maria Callas” Foundation the young soprano, born in Athens, studied at the Berlin University of Arts with KS Dagmar Schellenberger and received her Master’s Degree with Honours.Prior to that, she studied Musicology and Musical Theory, which she completed with a Bachelor’s degree with Honours at the Athens University in Greece. She attended master classes with Alberto Zedda, Michael Hampe, Daphne Evangelatos and Dimitra Theodossiou.
In November 2011 Christina Poulitsi won the 1st Prize at the International “Nico Dostal” Competition in Vienna.

In 2010, Christina Poulitsi sang with great success the role of the Contesa di Folleville in Rossini’s “Il viaggio a Reims” at the Rossini Opera Festival in Pesaro, Italy, under the direction of Maestro Alberto Zedda. The same year, she received much acclaim for her interpretation of the QUEEN OF THE NIGHT at the open air performances ‘Felsenbühnen Rathen’ in Saxon, Switzerland and at the Luisenburg Festival in Bavaria, Germany. In 2009, Christina Poulitsi made her debut at the Greece National Opera as ISABELLA in Rossini’s “L’inganno felice”. Here, she could also be seen as MUSETTA and SOEUR CONSTANCE in Poulenc’s “Les Diologues des Carmelites”. Her first permanent engagement brought the attractive singer to the Dresden Opera, where she also shone in such roles as the QUEEN OF THE NIGHT, MUSETTA, ÄNNCHEN, GRETEL, ANNA REICH, LISA (Gräfin Maritza) or JULIETTE VERMONT (Graf von Luxemburg).

As a concert soloist she performed in CARMINA BURANA at the Zwinger Festival in Dresden. She sang Bach’s Cantate BWK 21 at the Bach Festival in Athens and performed Bach’s Magnificat, Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater, Vivaldi’s Gloria… in Germany and France.

In 2014 she succeeded in the OPERALIA final concert in Los Angeles under the musical direction of Placido Domingo with the aria of the SONNAMBULA. In the season 2014/15 she made her debut as the ITALIAN SINGER in Strauss’ ‘Capriccio’ at the Dresde Semper Opera under the musical direction of Christian Thielemannn.

Future engagements will take the artist a.o. as the QUEEN OF THE NIGHT to the Dresde Semper Opera, the Rhineopera Dusseldorf-Duisburg, to Berlin, Detroit, Seattle, Los Angeles and Barcelona. At the begin of the season 16/17 Christina Poulitsi sings the QUEEN OF THE NIGHT in a new production of the Hamburg State Opera.


Hamburg State Opera - Die Zauberflöte - KÖNIGIN DER NACHT
Christina Poulitsi is a crystal-clear Queen of the Night with sensational, secure coloraturas. Almost too perfect and beautiful, to believe her "vengeance of hell" which boils in her heart.
...and the Queen od the NIght (Christina Poulitsi's coloraturas that bring you to your knees with their beauty)
With her exactly positioned coloraturas and the organic structure of her big arias Poulitsi impressed the audience.
.... in the famous aria Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen she met all demands and became well-deserved applause.
Opera di Firenze - Rigoletto - GILDA
The surprise of the evening was the young Greek soprano Christina Poulitsi. A career to be followed with interest . Already greatly applauded for her Queen of the Night in Bologna during the current season, she claims a short career that has brought her around the world as a highly requested starlike Queen. Owning a shellproof musicality and a very cunning technique,there is no passage that puts her in difficulty and she exhibits picchettati, mezza voce, ascending and descending scales of crystalclear intonation , a fresh timbre, a limpid sonority not wide but nourished enough to honor even the most lyric moments and to tackle without difficulties the most dramatic moments in the third act. Moreover, she has a slim figure and moves with ideal grace for a character like Gilda, while captivating in the way she tenders the phrase".
Opera Click - Silvanno Cappecchi
The true surprise of the evening, the icing of an exceptional cast, is the Greek soprano Christina Poulitsi: a blond and slender Gilda . With extremely clear and precise coloraturas she virtuously manages the most difficult passages. (No wonder she has become famous as Queen of the Night in Mozart’s Zauberflöte).
La sguardo di Arlechino - Andrea Balestri
From the very first tone, Christina Poulitsi shows a clear and soft projection. Her moderate volume, together with her pearly sound, announces a voice that goes up without any particular effort and, indeed, her high notes are at pace, precise, without increasing the thickness of the voice. The Greek soprano displays certain delicate phrases with sensitivity (“no che troppo é bello e spira amore”), which shine for the control of the emission, finding their maximal expression through the coloratura’s love palpitation. Her Gilda doesn’t show any technical flaw, but lyrical impetus, articulated phrasing and an even better respiration use to increase the length of the breath capacity. With a tendency to a prudent acting, from the quartet on shows herself less fearfully, until becoming, with a bigger interpretative weight, the one leading the stage.”
GB Opera
„Gilda’s feminine presence surprised me at the very moment I heard her voice: the soprano Christina Poulitsi entirely deserved my applause. She ws able to vocally interprete this role, which in the end is the only inside the drama that shows a strong psychological evolution: the innocence in the first act was expressed by a fresh and light sound, showing no problem at all with the difficult notes. The corresponding aria – Caro nome – projected her freshness and youth, associated with innocence and naivety. Also the peaksshowed these emotions. Already in the duetto of the second act her voice showed that something had changed, then in Tutte le feste al tempio and in the vengeance duet one could hear a situation maturing, leading to the known tragic ending.
Amici della musica - Simone Tomei
Teatro Petzruzelli Bari - Die Zauberflöte - KÖNIGIN DER NACHT
...sfolgorante la Regina della notte di Christina Poulitsi"
Ezio Mauro, La Repubblica
"Christina Poulitsi è una regina della notte di grande carattere e bellezza vocale,estremamente affascinante nell'immagine un po' gotica è un po' dark sapientemente conferitole dalla costumista Carla Teti e dallo scenografo Graziano Gregori.Ha gorgheggiato con suoni sicuri,nitidi ed espressivi superando con brillante virtuosismo anche i passagi più ardui"
Enzo Garofalo, Fame di Sud
"Una particolare menzione,e per la difficoltà del ruolo e per gli applausi ricevuti,merita senz'altro la Regina della Notte di Christina Poulitsi,perfetta sia dal punto di vista attoriale che musicale"
Luigi Paolillo, Fermata Spetacolo
"Ottima la prova della bravissima Regina della notte Christina Poulitsi(la cui celebre aria ha fatto esplodere il Petruzzelli di incontenibile entusiasmo)"
Alessandro Romanelli,L'orecchio di Dioniso
"...tutto l'eccellente cast,a partire da una strepitosa Regina della notte interpretata da Christina Poulitsi ,eccelsa nella famosissima aria Der Hölle Rache..."
Pasquale Attolico,LSD Magazine
"Christina Poulitsi ha una intonazione è una emissione perfette:non sbaglia un suono e nessun suono e stridulo o "piccolo" anche a quelle altezze .Appare sul palco aliena come la diva del quinto elemento.La seconda aria lascia il teatro con fiato sospeso "
Stefania Gianfrancesco, il quotidiano italiano
Rhine Opera Dusseldorf - Die Zauberflöte - QUEEN OF THE NIGHT
"Christina Poulitsi sang the Queen of the Night with beauty of tone and and dramatic attack, up to the dreaded “F“. Her staccati were harmonious and bombproof"
IOCO Kultur im Netz
"In Christina Poulitsi a Queen of the Night was found, who mastered the bravura arias with a playful ease, one seldom hears."
Martin Freitag " Der Opernfreund
Semperopera Dresden - Die Zauberflöte - KÖNIGIN DER NACHT
"Christina Poulitsi married command of the tessitura with an unusual opulence of voice that caught the resonance of the acoustic thrillingly"
Seen and heard International
"Christina's Poulitsi voice opened out in clear, ringing tones. Her runs were fluid and effortless and the coloratura precise, in tune and full bodied. In the second act her aria ‘Der Hölle Rache’, she demonstrated the same technical ease and an added dramatic thrust."
GB Opera Magazine
"Her crystal clear voice reaches unparalleled heights"
Sächsiche Zeitung
"...Christina Poulitsi dominates the stage, while she sings the difficult arias of the Queen of the night,which were given an overwhelming applause by the crowd......"
Dresden neueste Nachrichten
...Christina Poulitsi dazzled with her performance of the Queen of the night, as she sang the coloraturas of the famous arias with an astounding ease..."
Meißener Tagesblatt
Greek National Opera - Rigoletto - GILDA
"Tonight's revelation was Christina Poulitsi. An outstanding soprano with a voice of such crystal clarity and at the same time impressive effortless high notes."
Athen's voice
"The surprise of this production came with the appearance of Christina Poulitsi, a young soprano with an exceptional voice. Great ease at the high registers, and a strong rounded voice, she was a joy to listen to. She has great potential, and one hopes that she will use her voice wisely in the future, a name to keep in one's mind destined for a great career."
"Amazing Christina Poulitsi in the role of Gilda, possessing the unparalleled voice of a lyrical soprano with a depth and ease in her coloratura, surpassed the demands of the role admirably. The young soprano composed a truly moving portrait of the role in a wonderfully balanced perspective of lyric and dramatic aspects"
Rossini Festival Pesaro - I viaggio a Reims - CONTESSA DI FOLLEVILLE
...All performers were given strong applauses from the crowd more though soprano Christina Poulitsi....."
Il resto di Carlino
"...The performance of the soprano Christina Poulitsi stood out from the cast of the opera at Rossini theatre...."
Greek National Opera - L' inganno felici - ISABELLA
"....Isabella was performed by the young soprano Christina Poulitsi, who met the vocal challenges of the part with a tantalising ease and crowned the aria with a beautiful cadenza, before the shinning and safe stratospheric ending."
...the performance of Isabella from the soprano Christina Poulitsi was truly amazing..."
Landesbühnen Sachsen - La Boheme - MUSETTA
'...Christina Poulitsi sings the role of Musetta with a dazzling voice and gives a convincing performances of Mimi's eager friend.'
Meißner Tagesblatt
Hamburg State Opera - Die Zauberflöte - KÖNIGIN DER NACHT
Semperoper Dresden - Capriccio - ITALIENISCHE SÄNGERIN
Semperoper Dresden - Die Zauberflöte - KÖNIGIN DER NACHT
Semperoper Dresden - Die Zauberflöte - KÖNIGIN DER NACHT
Griechische Nationaloper - L' inganno felici - ISABELLA
Rossini Festival Pesaro - Il viaggio a Reims - CONTESSA DI FOLLEVILLE
Griechische Nationaloper - Rigoletto - GILDA
Landesbühnen Sachsen - Hänsel und Gretel - GRETEL
Griechische Nationaloper - Les Dialogues des Carmelites - SOEUR CONSTANCE